tattoo removal prices

Deciding to get a tattoo is an enormous choice, yet unfortunately, it may not always turn out as planned. Tattoo removal services are becoming increasingly popular for this very reason. While the procedure can be costly at times, there exist more affordable options too! So, If you’re looking for the best tattoo removal prices in Dallas, Plano, Addison, or Frisco, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth price guide for tattoo removal prices in Texas. We’ll discuss the average cost of the treatment in each of the major cities in Texas: Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and Addison. So no matter where you are located in one of these other cities, we have you covered! 

Your Chosen Tattoo Removal Procedure

Before we delve into tattoo removal prices in Dallas and other major cities in Texas, there are a few key questions you should ask yourself. Tattoo removal procedures can vary greatly in price depending on the size of your tattoo and the type of procedure desired. The most common types of tattoo removal procedures include laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion tattoo removal, surgical tattoo removal, and tattoo removal creams.

So assess your individual needs to figure out which tattoo removal procedure is right for you before moving on to assessing the tattoo removal prices.

Key Factors that Affect Tattoo Removal Prices

tattoo removal prices

Apart from your chosen procedure, some other key factors that affect tattoo removal prices are the size and location of your tattoo. Tattoos located in larger or more difficult areas to access may require a longer treatment session, which can result in higher prices. Additionally, tattoos of greater size will also cost more to remove since it requires more time and effort from the tattoo removal specialist.

Here’s a tattoo removal price reminder: It is important to note that tattoo removal procedures are typically multi-session procedures. A single tattoo removal procedure may take anywhere from one to five sessions depending on the size of your tattoo and the type of tattoo removal procedure chosen.

Tattoo Removal Price Per Inch of Tattoo

For tattoo removal, some companies charge a fee of $10-25 per inch. For instance, someone with a 36 square inches tattoo might incur an expense of up to $400 for one session while those with only 4 square inches will have to pay approximately $175. Generally speaking, the more area you are taking care of in each session, the less you’ll be paying on a per-inch basis.

Tattoo Removal Prices in Dallas & other Major Cities in Texas

Now that you’ve assessed your individual tattoo removal needs, let’s look at the tattoo removal prices in Dallas and other major cities in Texas. Tattoo removal prices can be expensive, but fortunately, there are more affordable options available.

Average Tattoo Removal Prices in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and Addison

In the city of Dallas, laser tattoo removal is generally going to be your best bet when it comes to tattoo removal prices. The average cost of this procedure can range anywhere from $200-$500, depending on the size of your tattoo and the area of skin being treated.  In the city of Plano, tattoo removal can be more expensive. Prices in Plano range from $400-$1,000. On the other hand, tattoo removal prices in Frisco tend to be slightly lower than tattoo removal prices in Plano.

Tattoo removal prices in Frisco range from $200-$800, depending on the size and area of skin being treated. Finally, tattoo removal prices in Addison are typically the least expensive of all major cities in Texas. Tattoo Removal prices in Addison can range anywhere from $100-$400, and sometimes even less than a hundred for very small tattoos.

Discover the Perfect Clinic for Your Tattoo Removal Needs

tattoo removal prices

Ultimately, tattoo removal prices depend on your individual needs and the clinic you choose to perform the tattoo removal procedure. When searching for a tattoo removal clinic in Texas, be sure to do some research into different clinics and read reviews from past clients. This will help ensure you are choosing a reputable clinic and getting prices that are fair and reasonable.

The Choice Is Now In Your Hands!

tattoo removal prices

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your tattoo removal options. No matter which procedure you choose, be sure to look into prices in Dallas and other major cities in Texas beforehand so you can make the best decision for your individual needs.

Additionally, If you’re looking for reliable tattoo removal services in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or Addison with cost-efficient tattoo removal prices, Derma-Aesthetic is your best bet. Here, you’ll find superior quality treatments that won’t break the bank! Contact us today to inquire about tattoo removal prices and other services. We’ll make sure you experience nothing less than an empowering tattoo removal journey!

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